The History:
This rich, historical land, was originally home of one of the first berry farms in Middle Tennessee. Colonial Americans used covered wagons on these historic logging roads leading to Cabinberry Farm. Logs were cut and transported throughout the ridge way. These primitive roads leading out of Eatons Creek are still scenic trails enjoyed by many visitors near and far.Historically, remains of Country Music Hall of Famer Uncle Dave Macon’s Tennessee mountain home reside on Cabinberry Farm.  As the red roofed cabin was built, materials of bluegrass music pioneer’s farm, such as original barns, berry sheds, and even branches of ornate trees were used in fashioning the unique craftsmanship and woodwork of the interior.  Sassafras wood floors and the stair banister were created with individual pieces of perfectly selected logs from the property. Even some original wagon wheels were used as ornamental fixtures in the cabin loft.


The Experience:

Take a deep breath of down-home country as wild turkey, deer, and an array of indigenous animal friends meander Cabinberry Farm. This rich, historical land, once home of one of the first berry farms in Tennessee, now beautifully situated in lovely Whites Creek, is now home of one of the premier wedding and party sites in Nashville.


When the sun goes down at Cabinberry Farm, the dark night sky reveals a vast array of constellations. From the front porch swing to the grassy mountain side you can hear Whites Creek babbling as the fresh air and cool nights lull you to a quiet, restful place. If you listen closely, you can imagine country music legends singing in the distance with some down home country picking from a neighboring property.


As seasons change, holiday lights spread across the property. From enchanted fall and Thanksgiving pumpkins to the winter wonderland of lights at Christmas, you’ll be decking your halls at Cabinberry Farm with Holiday Cheer.